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“Everyone is welcome with LOVE and FELLOWSHIP.”    – Motto of the Church of Spiritual Life, NSAC


We members of the Church of Spiritual Life believe deeply that a church is not a building, but is a family of people, from all walks of life, working together harmoniously to progress toward a common goal. Our goal is summed up by our threefold mission statement:

  1. To serve the spiritual needs of our members
  2. To serve the community
  3. To propagate the science, philosophy, and religion of Modern Spiritualism


The church was founded in 1958 in Lawrence, Massachuestts with Rev. Edythe Meader as the Pastor. The church received its charter from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) two years later on April 9, 1960.

The church began, as many do, as a group of core members who would hold services at one of the member’s homes. Within a few years, as the membership grew, it was apparent that they would need a larger venue. So, in 1964, the church began meeting at Red Men’s Hall in Methuen, Massachusetts. Over the years, the church merged with two other NSAC churches, first the Psychic Science Spiritualist Church of Haverhill, Massachusetts, and then The First National Spiritualist Church of Salem, New Hampshire. Not only did the membership grow from these unions, but the church gained the expertise of two wonderfully gifted pastors, Rev. Melvena Hafner and Laverne Parsons.

In 1981, the church moved to the Chapel of the First Methodist Church in Methuen. Then in 1993, the church moved again to the Masonic Hall in Salem, New Hampshire. During this time, our Pastor Emeritus the late Dr. Kenneth Wingood presided over the church and it continued to steadily grow and prosper.


Through it all, the church has steadfastly maintained its determination to spread the word about Modern Spiritualism, and to provide a home for all seekers of Truth. We are extremely proud of our church’s history, and we work hard to instill that pride in everything we do as we progress the church into the future. We welcome you to be a part of our future by attending one of our services, classes, or workshops. You’ll be glad you did!