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Spring 2019 Newsletter

The Church of Spiritual Life

Spring 2019 Newsletter

58 East Broadway, Derry NH

Pastor’s Greeting

Happy Spring!!

Spring, the season for new growth, rebirth and let us not forget MUD!  Since we are a part of nature, this is pertinent for we humans as much as birds and other God’s creatures.

Often times when change occurs, we get stuck in the mud and muck of past habits where we feel more comfortable.  Change means a new lesson, a fresh canvas on which to create a new scene.  Acceptance of letting go and embracing new experiences can be difficult.  As we ask for guidance and understanding from Spirit, we begin to allow the metamorphosis to begin.

Our church society is working hard to create workshops and classes to appeal to everyone.  We are hoping to increase our balance sheet to appeal to mortgage lenders.  We desire our own home!  A place we can leave all set up.  A place to allow us to use any day, at any time for as long as we like.  We ask for your help with this.  This could be as simple as attending those workshops and classes, become a team leader for an event, or consider joining the Board of Trustees.  We can use your special gifts you have been given, no matter what they are.  Please contact me or a Board Member for further information.

To all those on the Pastoral Committee, The Board of Directors, “The Crew”, The Fundraiser Committee, The Event Committee, The Nomination Committee, and The Audit Committee, God Bless you!   Thank you so much for your time and efforts.  You will be rewarded by Spirit when you least expect it.

May Spirit spark within you an easy and soul lifting experience of change this Spring, be sure to share it with us.  We would love to hear from you.  If you should need a hand to pull you from the muck, drop me an e-mail or give a call.  A helping hand is available to you.

Be happy, healthy and forever a student of Spiritualism.

Reverend Judith Schaefer
Pastor, OM, CH  603-770-4969

Spotlight: Peter Horne

Quiet is underrated. Quiet is good for a lot of things, like reading, healing, self-reflection, watching babies sleep. Quiet spaces allow us to tune into spiritual truths and tangible miracles often drowned out by the loud things constantly demanding our attention, like the TV, office gossip, careless drivers, the evening newscast.

Quiet people often go overlooked. They go about their days quietly getting things done, usually without anyone looking.

Peter Horne is a quiet guy. Quiet about the things he does and even quieter about taking credit. Peter’s contributions here at the Church of Spiritual Life have not gone unnoticed.

He has served on our Church’s Board of Trustees for at least ten years. He has been a representative for our church at the yearly NSAC conventions for nearly 20 years.

During his tenure here, Peter was always among the first to volunteer for any task. He accepted his assignment, got to work, and completed his task with ease, albeit quietly. From setting up chairs before service, to bringing food and raffle donations to serving at the Podium, he had a warm smile and a good joke for everyone he met. His generosity knew no bounds.

He rarely shares his latent abilities of Mediumship, but Peter excels at Automatic Writing and Healing.  He was a favorite for many members and friends who would lovingly refer to him as a “powerful energy battery.”

While we are happy to know he and his equally talented wife, Pat, will find another Home at the Spiritualist Church of Eternal Life, we will miss his welcoming smile, easy-going nature and sense of quiet dedication. Thank you, Peter, for all you have done for us, and best wishes on your path forward in Sabattus!

Britt and Emma Chronicles

Leading a Healing Service

It is Sunday

Because Britt is serving today as Healing Conductor, he and Emma arrive at Church early. They are just in time to help put hymnals on the chairs. The folks who set up the chairs love Britt and Emma. Britt and Emma love them and thank them for setting up the furniture.

When it is time, Britt stands behind the Podium to start the Healing Service. Emma smiles at Britt. Britt smiles back at everyone.

Britt reads the Healing Service script. Everyone closes their eyes and takes a deep breath. Britt closes his eyes and also takes a deep breath to calm his nerves. This is Britt’s first time conducting this Service. Britt’s stomach lurches and gurgles.

Britt opens his eyes and sees that Bob’s Chair is open. Britt cuts off a Member approaching Bob’s Chair then sits down hoping to get relief from his nausea. Bob is taken aback. Britt notices the Chairperson shake her head then point to the podium. Britt quickly recognizes his mistake and returns to the Podium.

Britt is grateful for the Chairperson, who is very forgiving. Britt makes a mental note to never again take a Healing Chair when he is serving at the Podium. Britt also makes a note to find a bathroom as soon as he ends the Healing Service.

Britt looks forward to next Sunday when Emma will Chair the service and he will be free to take a Healing Chair.

Coming Special Events

March 31 – Numerology Workshop with Barbara Szarfranski 1-3 PM, $10 Registration Donation

April 14 – Workshop on Chakras, Amy Major  1-3 PM $25 Registration Donation

April 30, 7-9 PM – Advanced Evidential Mediumship Class, Reverend Stephen Hermann, Registration Donation $25

May 19 1-3 PM, Semi-Annual Members Meeting

June 2, 1-3 PM. Near Death Experience Workshop with Leslie Gabriele and Joel Kaplan. Donation for registration requested.

June 8-9, Spring Workshop Weekend. $100 registration donation non-members, $90 members
Reverend Kathleen Hoffman, Lois Sheridan

Check the calendar at

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