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Pastor’s Summer 2019 Greeting

Pastor’s Greeting 

SUMMER!  The time for gathering.  A time for families to unite after a long winter’s absence.  It’s a time to rejoice, reconnect and take great pleasure in being a part of the greater whole.  Whether that be the family, friends or your church community.

The Church of Spiritual Life, maintains our schedule, unlike many Spiritualist churches that close for the summer months.  They continue with the traditional fashion of closing to attend a camp for the summer.  Today, many of us no longer have that luxury during the warm weather.  We can however, visit for the day or weekend.  We encourage you to pay one of the area camps a visit.

There are many different Spiritual camps that you might want to consider visiting this summer.  Of course, we have Lily Dale, our home headquarters, in New York.  Closer to home, you’ll find Temple Heights, Camp Etna and Madison Spiritualist Camp, all in the State of Maine.

In Massachusetts, the On-I-Set WigWam Spiritualist Camp in Onset Massachusetts, is always a favorite.  In Connecticut, Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp has classes and services to attend.

No matter where you go, you’ll find like-minded individuals, with perhaps a new idea or two that you might want to share with us upon your return.

We’ll be here, holding normal services and classes throughout the summer.  We encourage you to take advantage of some of the very talented teachers and Spiritualist servers that will pass through our doors this season.  We welcome the area members of our sister churches that close, to pay us a visit, this enriches us all.

We look forward to seeing you.

Judith Schaefer, Pastor, LM, CSH
The Church of Spiritual Life, NSAC 

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