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Pastor’s Messsage Spring 2019

The Church of Spiritual Life

Pastor’s Greeting

Happy Spring!!

Spring, the season for new growth, rebirth and let us not forget MUD!  Since we are a part of nature, this is pertinent for we humans as much as birds and other God’s creatures.

Often times when change occurs, we get stuck in the mud and muck of past habits where we feel more comfortable.  Change means a new lesson, a fresh canvas on which to create a new scene.  Acceptance of letting go and embracing new experiences can be difficult.  As we ask for guidance and understanding from Spirit, we begin to allow the metamorphosis to begin.

Our church society is working hard to create workshops and classes to appeal to everyone.  We are hoping to increase our balance sheet to appeal to mortgage lenders.  We desire our own home!  A place we can leave all set up.  A place to allow us to use any day, at any time for as long as we like.  We ask for your help with this.  This could be as simple as attending those workshops and classes, become a team leader for an event, or consider joining the Board of Trustees.  We can use your special gifts you have been given, no matter what they are.  Please contact me or a Board Member for further information.

To all those on the Pastoral Committee, The Board of Directors, “The Crew”, The Fundraiser Committee, The Event Committee, The Nomination Committee, and The Audit Committee, God Bless you!   Thank you so much for your time and efforts.  You will be rewarded by Spirit when you least expect it.

May Spirit spark within you an easy and soul lifting experience of change this Spring, be sure to share it with us.  We would love to hear from you.  If you should need a hand to pull you from the muck, drop me an e-mail or give a call.  A helping hand is available to you.

Be happy, healthy and forever a student of Spiritualism.

Reverend Judith Schaefer
Pastor, OM, CH  603-770-4969

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