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Pastor Greeting


I would like to thank all those who have served the church as Healers, Presiders, Speakers and Mediums.  It is with your continued service to our church, that we are able to touch the hearts of so many.  Thank you!

Questions on Healing Practices

I would like to answer a question and some concerns, regarding Healers and their abilities.

Everyone has the ability to practice mediumship, it requires practice, effort and desire to do so.   Healing is a form of mediumship.

As you all know, we each have our own special gifts and differing modalities.  Infinite Intelligence has granted us individuality.  Therefore, our Healing qualities will be as individual as we are!


Recently, I had heard a comment after a healing.  It was regarding the aptitude of the Healer and whether or not the healing would be sufficient because the Healer’s hands were not warm while performing the healing.


Let me assure everyone:  a Healer is a CONDUIT for Spirit!  Spirit travels through the Healer and the necessary energy is delivered to the recipient.  The Healer themselves have little to do with the healing.  As long as the Healer is attuned to Spirit and allow themselves to be of service, the energy Spirit has for the recipient will be delivered.

Does this mean the Healer’s hands must produce red hot energy?  Absolutely not.  Although it is the norm, it is not essential for healing results.

Use absentee healing as an example.  The recipient is not aware when a Healer may be sending healing energy and love their way.  Would it matter if the Healer’s hands are warm at the time of the absentee healing?  Well, of course not.

We must remember to be open minded and trust in Spirit to do that of which we request of them.  If you sit as a healing recipient, trust that Spirit is there for you, healing and sending you love.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.


Judith Schaefer

Pastor, LM, CH

The Church of Spiritual Life, NSAC  About Pastor Judy

Being fortunate enough to have earned the title of Licentiate Minister, I am
continuing my studies with the Morris Pratt Institute. My desire is to gain further
knowledge and hopefully be blessed to become an Ordained Minister and National
Spiritualist Teacher, learning never ends as a Spiritualist.

As Pastor of The Church of Spiritual Life in Derry, N.H., I have had the opportunity
to teach classes in the Philosophy of Spiritualism, Beginning Mediumship, Platform
Decorum, Healing, and Mediumship Enhancement.

My love of teaching and connection with Spirit has combined to bring a unique
perspective to my classes and the sharing of the love of Spiritualism to our
membership and community.

Please join us for our service on Sunday mornings at 10:30, and our class on
Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. We would love to see you!